Starting its operations in 1990, Agrocítricos has been experiencing ongoing business growth. Located in El Valle, Hato Mayor Province, this company owns 3,260,010.24 square meters of land, out of which 2,295,339 are planted with Valencia oranges and are currently in full production.

At Agrocítricos we are continually training our specialists and agricultural staff and we apply the most appropriate farming techniques: planting pattern of 12.5 feet between plants and 25 feet between rows, that is, 21.67 plants per every 628 square meters (tarea).

This creates the best harvest conditions with high levels of mechanization and guarantees oranges of excellent quality, very demanded in the local market.  Throughout more than fifteen years in operation, Agrocítricos has been a promoter of agricultural activity in this region, offering jobs and better living conditions to hundreds of families.  The company’s constant support to the communities where we operate has resulted in uncountable benefits to their inhabitants.

Incorporated in 1985, our main goal is to conquer the ever-growing and more demanding international flower markets. In the last three decades, Flordom has been established as the first flower export company in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Our plantations are located in the mountainous communities of Jarabacoa (52 hectares) and Constanza (3 hectares), where weather and soil conditions are unique, allowing for optimal harvest of highly demanded crops such as: liatris, anthuriums, asters, lilies, bird of paradise flowers and aconitums, among others.


Flordom is the largest liatris producer in the Americas and since we offer many different varieties we are able to meet the ever-growing demand for export, besides supplying up to 15% of the local market. This business success has reflected in the communities of Jarabacoa and Constanza, where the company is truly committed to their social development.


Located in the Juan Alejo Section, Municipality of Bayaguana, Monte Plata Province, Cítricos Tropicales is a company that engages in the production of different types and varieties of citric fruits. Cítricos Tropicales’ plantations cover an area of 7,974,573.66 square meters and are planted with oranges, grapefruits, limas, tangerines and a more recently cocoa.

Most oranges are of the Valencia variety, which may be consumed fresh as a fruit or processed into juice, achieving great levels of performance. Limas are of the Persian type and white grapefruits (Frost Marsh) and pink (Red Blush and Star Rubby) grapefruits.  Cítricos Tropicales has had a significant impact in the development of Bayaguana and is one of the main sources of progress in this region.  Hundreds of families benefit from our community programs and our contribution to educational programs.

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