Induveca is the leading dairy and meat product manufacturer and distributor in the Dominican Republic. Our commitment to quality products has proven to be true in time and we are a symbol of Dominican pride, as the Dominican people feel their brands are part of their own lives.

Industrias Veganas C. por A. was first incorporated in 1968 in the city of La Vega Real, standing out for its excellent selection of meat cuts processed with Dominican flavors and seasonings, rapidly turning our brands into the most popular for their unmatched flavors.

Induveca leads the market in several categories, for both meat and dairy products. It offers the best quality in every line around every corner of the country, a commitment we have lived by through the years, not only by the quality of our products but by establishing excellent relationships with both customers and suppliers. This commitment is also evident in that we provide a place to work and grow for the more than two thousand members of our workforce. It should be noted that our distribution lines are an important pillar of our success since they allow us to efficiently reach millions of Dominicans throughout the country.

Induveca takes pride in having the largest and most modern meat-processing plant in the Caribbean. Our processes are known for following the highest quality standards while protecting the environment.

As regards society, this company feels identified with the Dominican Republic and is concerned with contributing to the development of areas that improve the quality of life of Dominican citizens. This vision leads us to constantly support cultural activities, such as theater presentations, movies, numerous sports events, and society as a whole with our campaign “Induveca Hace Historia”, as well as our popular culture through this company’s great support to La Vega’s Carnival. As of today, Induveca is a symbol of Dominican heritage and pride of a people that feel their brands are part of their lives.

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