MercaSID is the leading company in the production and distribution of edible fats, oils and cereals, as well as a leader in the distribution of worldwide brands of mass-consumption family care and food products.

MercaSID began operations in June 1999, when Sociedad Industrial Dominicana (SID) and Mercalia joined their experience and capital. SID and Mercalia are Dominican enterprises engaged in delivering their customers the best home and family products. They both have a long history of success and excellence in the national market.

Their successful evolution has been the best demonstration of how the vision and drive of their founding members has remained throughout time and has been passed down to the new generations that now lead the business.

The merger of these two companies took place right at a key moment: the opening of the Dominican Republic to global markets and the new rules in world trade. The quality of our products, the efficiency of each one of our processes, and our constant drive to renew ourselves have guaranteed MercaSID’s level of competitiveness. Once the company established its leadership in the Dominican Republic, we began to seek new markets for our products in the Caribbean region and in Hispanic markets of the region.

MercaSID has pioneered in social programs and taken special care of our people (“La Salud de su Gente”), developing projects like Fundación Caminantes por la Vida, responsible for organizing the first walkathon in the Dominican Republic to promote cancer prevention, bringing faith and hope to so many Dominicans that have been afflicted by this disease, while raising funds to support institutions that fight cancer.

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