SID Group Corporate Politics

1.Purpose: To Establish Corporate Guidelines for the Integrated Management System.

2.Reach: Applies to all SID Group’s Companies.

3.Responsibilities: All Personnel.


We express our companies commitment through quality, safety, environmental, security and occupational health policies, as a basis for establishing goals and objectives that will allow us to achieve the highest performance standards through our Integrated Management System.

In SID Group We Commit to:

Quality and Innocuity Corporate Policy

Deliver our consumers and customers innocuous products and services that meet or exceed their expectations, ensuring legal compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as other commitments. We rely on the achievement of objectives along with the continuous improvement of our Quality and Innocuity Management System.

Enviromental Corporate Policy

Protect the environment, prevent pollution and environmental impacts that may result from the activities, products and services of our companies through the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System, complying with applicable legal requirements and other commitments that the organization subscribes.

Security and Occupationsl Health Corporate Policy

Achieve in the most practival way, the best occupational health and safety standards in order to continuously safeguard the welfare of those who work, visit and live near our operations centers, as well as prevent accident-related losses to people, structures and materials.