Responsible Production

Responsible Production

All SID Group companies are committed to the prevention of any impact their activities, products or services could have on the environment. Continued improvement of their Environment Management System, fulfillment of applicable legal requirements and other commitments entered into by the organization, earnestly pursue environmental protection and furtherance of our communities.

Corporate Environmental Policy

SID Group’s environmental policy provides the framework to set forth our environmental goals and objectives, hence our environmental programs for the treatment of liquid effluents, control of air emissions, waste reduction and recycling, storage and disposing of hazardous products, reasonable use of natural resources and cleaner production programs (P+L).

Corporate Environmental Management

At SID Group the Corporate Environmental Management oversees the planning, implementation, follow up and ongoing improvement of our Environmental Management System in all of our companies (MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal and Induspalma), based on the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 Standard.

Environmental Management System Based on ISO 14001:2004 Standard

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is implemented to comply with the commitments assumed through our Environment Corporate Policy, whose principles are based on pollution prevention, ongoing improvement of environment-related behavior, regulatory compliance and other commitments for the benefit of the community.
Implementation of the EMS under ISO 14001 Standards is part of SID Group’s commitment with sustainable development, for the benefit of our customers and consumers, the environment and society; which in addition involves a series of economic and market prerogatives, as well as improvement of the organization’s image.

Complying with Principles contained in our Environmental Corporate Policy

In order to comply with the principles that make up our Environmental Corporate Policy, SID Group enterprises have developed different programs, followed by a series or procedures that ensure efficacy.

Some of the main programs include:

  1. Competency, Training and Environmental Awareness Program (Programa de Competencia, Formación y toma de Conciencia Ambiental).
  2. Cleaner Production for Fuel / Vapor Sustainable Use Program (Producción Más Limpia (P+L) para uso Sostenible de Combustible / Vapor.)
  3. Cleaner Production for Sustainable Water Consumption Program (Producción Más Limpia (P+L) para Consumo Sostenible de Agua.)
  4. Cleaner Production for Handling of Hazardous and Non- Hazardous Waste Program (Producción Más Limpia (P+L) para Manejo de Materiales, Residuos peligrosos y No Peligrosos.)
  5. Cleaner Production for Sustainable Power Consumption Program (Producción Más Limpia (P+L) para Consumo Sostenible de Energía Eléctrica.)
  6. Gas/Air Emissions Control and Follow-up Program (Programa para Control y Seguimiento de Emisiones Atmosféricas.)
  7. Water/Liquid Waste Handling, Control and Follow-up Program (Programa para Manejo, Control y Seguimiento de Aguas Residuales.)
  8. Used Oils Handling/Management Program (Programa para Manejo de Aceites Usados.)
  9. Paper and Cardboard Recycling Program (Programa para Aprovechamiento de Cartón y Papel.)
  10. Environment Emergency Plan (Plan de Emergencias Ambientales.)

Each program’s results are presented through Key Performance Indicators for follow up and continued improvement of our Environment Management System.


Through our enterprises MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal and Induspalma, the SID Group was awarded in 2014 by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources on the 2nd Edition of the Cleaner Production Awards (Producción Más Limpia) 2013-2015. All 9 P+L projects proposed by the SID Group were acknowledged by the ministry. This award places the SID Group and our companies in a leading position concerning the development of Environmental Sustainability Projects, in favor of environmental protection.

MercaSID Awards

  • P+L Excellency Award, Energy Category, Fuel, Energy and Carbon Emissions Reduction Project.
  • P+L Successful Implementation Award, Materials Category, 3R´s Project, Management, Reduction and Use of Wastes.

Induveca Awards

  • P+L Excellency Award, EMS Category, Environmental Management System Effective Implementation Project
  • P+L Successful Implementation Award, Energy Category, Carbon Footprint Reduction Project.
  • P+L Successful Implementation Award, Materials Category, 3R´s Waste Use and Assessment Project

Agua Crystal Awards

  • P+L Successful Implementation Award, Materials Category, 3R´s Waste Use and Assessment Project.
  • P+L Successful Implementation Award, Energy Category, Reduction of Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions Project.

Induspalma Awards

  • P+L Special Recognition, EMS Category, Implementation of Environment Management System and RSPO.
  • P+L Implementation Award, Energy Category, Carbon Footprint Reduction Project.

United Nations Global Compact Progress Report

The SID Group has been presenting its progress report for 4 years now, renewing its commitment to the 10 principles of United Nations Global Compact, displaying transparency in the way we handle and launch our actions in support of sustainable development in different fields of the country.