EducaSID por un mejor futuro, i.e., EducaSID for a better future, is a program for the refurbishment and renovation of the facilities of the sponsored educational institutions, such as the construction of ….

During four consecutive years, the SID Group has implemented EducaSID, its School Sponsoring Program, through MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal and Induspalma.

The SID Group reaffirms its commitment to the development of education in our country by sponsoring 11 institutions in the communities surrounding our operations centers in the provinces of Santo Domingo, La Vega, Monte Plata, Santiago, and Azua.

EducaSID for a Better Future consists in the renovation of the facilities of the sponsored educational institutions, as well as the construction and adaptation of recreational areas, donations such as backpacks filled with school supplies, in addition to recognizing honor students, promoting academic excellence by granting certificates, educational bonuses, and bicycles to help improve children’s access to schools.  The SID Group has been growing for almost 80 years together with the Dominican family, and takes pride in joining hands with them to build their future, helping their children grow healthy in a favorable environment for their development.

Each SID Group company has implemented activities of this program in the communities within their sphere of action, addressing the specific needs of the sponsored institution.

MercaSID sponsors the schools Fidel Ferrer and Centro Educativo Especial Santo Domingo, in addition to Fundación Villa Bendición and Acción Callejera in Santiago, together withInduveca.

Induveca supports the school San Martín de Porres located near the Camú River in La Vega, as well as the Hogar del Niño Padre Fantino; Acción Callejera in Santiago, Albergue Villa Esperanza and Centro Comunal de Sabana Yegua in Azua.

Agua Crystal supports the Malaquías Gil School in Santo Domingo.

Induspalma collaborates with Centro Educativo San Francisco and Centro Académico San José in Monte Plata.

“By implementing these programs, the SID Group strives to improve the permanent well-being of the Dominican family, which is the basis and axis of our nation, by supporting our employees, consumers and their respective communities, and helping them to meet their needs in education, health and culture.  Through EducaSID, we actively collaborate for the creation of a culture based on our corporate values: Growth, Service, Protection and Sharing,” said José Miguel Bonetti, President Emeritus of MercaSID.

In 2013, the program’s goals focused on highlighting culture and its development through the presentation of a dance piece, especially prepared for the children, parents and teachers at sponsored educational centers.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education (MINERD), community members, employees and senior executives of every SID Group company participated in the activities held for two weeks at the sponsored schools and institutions