On the seventh day of the SID Group’s environmental program, the Juma area in Bonao was reforested

As part of its commitment to the preservation of natural resources in the country, the SID Group carried out an intense day of reforestation in Bonao, Monsignor Noel Province.

In the seventh version of “ReforestaSID”, hundreds of collaborators from the SID Group enthusiastically invaded the vulnerable areas of the Juma area of the city of Bonao, specifically in the area of the Juma River, where they planted some 30,000 seedlings.

This action plan carried out by the SID Group seeks to give continuity to its business concern for the increase in forest cover, the influx of water as a natural resource, the habitat of flora and fauna species, as well as the conservation of biodiversity. in every corner of the Dominican Republic.

The 400 collaborators of the SID Group, in coordination with the National Directorate of the Quisqueya Verde Plan of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, planted 27,000 seedlings of the Caribbean or Tropical Pine species at the head of the river, while 3,000 units of the Mara variety they were planted around the river bank area.

The activity was led by Ligia Bonetti, executive president of the SID Group and other executives of the SID Group, who were accompanied by the Technical Director of the Environment, Rubén Dario, Ricardo Abreu Provincial Director of the Environment of Bonao and Sención Peña in charge of Reforestation in Bonao .

The executives of Grupo SID thanked the collaborators for the gesture of being part of this type of actions that promote the corporate responsibility of the company, in the face of the environmental problems that afflict the country and took the opportunity to share in a recreational environment in contact with the nature.

In the seven years that the ReforestaSID program has been in force, a total of 84,175 trees have been planted, which represents the capture and storage of more than 25,252 tons of CO2 per 12 months, thereby helping to reduce the impact of the effect. greenhouse and to protect the hydrographic basins throughout the national geography.