Social Responsibility

The SID Group relies on the core values of Growth, Protection, Sharing and Service, palpable throughout our institutional history.

We take pride in the permanent identification of the Dominican people with our brands, which is living proof of this approach. As a corporation, the SID Group is supported by well-defined decision-making processes and department structures that ensure governance for corporate sustainability.

The individuals that hold key positions in each one of our companies are also members of the SID Group’s corporate bodies. This scheme allows them to have a broad view of markets as well as far-reaching and deeply committed decision-making processes.

A characteristic that has always set the SID Group apart from others in the industry is our development of programs and projects designed in pursuit of environmental conservation, the protection of natural resources, social development, education, and health; an unmistakable evidence of the SID Group’s commitment to the social development and well-being of the Dominican people.

Furthermore, all of our companies are directly involved with the communities where they are established, fostering in such communities substantial improvements in their living conditions. Through different initiatives and in coordination with several foundations and associations, the SID Group supports health, education, culture, and sports throughout the Dominican territory.

The different social interest areas have been developed based on the identified needs of each community where our companies operate, in the interest of contributing to the development of our consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and the State.

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Fundación Caminantes por la Vida
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