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ConoceALaGenteSID: Noelí, Induveca’s Senior Auditor

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ConoceALaGenteSID: Noelí, Induveca’s Senior Auditor

Welcome to this new dynamic of our blog! In this segment called #ConoceALaGenteSID, we will present collaborators from our companies. They will talk a little about their experience working at Grupo SID so that you can learn about the different positions and people who hold the company. Noelí, Induveca’s Senior Auditor, is with us on this occasion.

1. Why did you decide to work at Grupo SID?

I chose to work at Grupo SID to broaden my knowledge and see the audit from another perspective since this company promotes its employees’ individual and collective development. It’s the ideal place to develop the objectives that I had set for myself.

2. What tasks do you usually perform in your position?

My role as Senior Auditor is to create and develop audit programs based on reviewing and monitoring compliance with policies, procedures, company guidelines and others that apply. Thus, we can obtain audit reports with usable results for our internal clients and guide junior auditors in developing their functions, ensuring their learning and individual development of their skills.

3. What have been your best moments at Grupo SID?

Apart from my day-to-day in which exciting things arise, I highlight the following moments:

My first ReconoSID: In July 2022, it was a surprise for me to be able to receive a ReconoSID. It was fascinating not only to receive it but also because this can directly impact my entire department. This initiative further motivates everyone to continue being passionate about their work.

Reforesta SID: The SID Group allowed me to participate in this activity during 2022, one of the most anticipated for me since I started working here because the idea of serving a great cause in this way made me excited.

Valentine’s Day: My team and I took this photo several days after February 14 because our schedule for those days didn’t allow us to meet at our workplace. The important thing is that we did it, and we were able to take the photo late.

4. What’s your favorite Induveca brand and your favorite memory with that brand?

If you ask me about the Super Special Salami, it has been with me since I was a child. I have this funny memory with my brother, where we were making little hamburgers with patacones (green fried plantain) and fried salami that mommy made for us. We made them and always ate all the patacones that were left first so so we could then concentrate on the best: the little burgers.

Hacíamos las hamburguesitas y los fritos que quedaban nos los comíamos de primero para luego poder concentrarnos en lo mejor.

5. What advice would you give someone considering working at Grupo SID?

Be persistent, because being part of companies that contribute to your professional and personal development is essential.

If you want to be part of the Grupo SID family, visit and apply for our vacancies.

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