About Us

Grupo Sid is a group of Dominican companies of great business relevance, engaged in the manufacturing and commercialization of mass consumption products. The vision of their founding members and their ongoing diversification have allowed them to successfully venture in areas like agro industry, water processing, meat products, dairy products, cattle raising, floriculture, gas stations, and entertaining businesses.

The SID Group is currently made up of several enterprises that hold significant market share: MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal, Induspalma, SID Entertainment, Agrocítricos, Flordom, Cítricos Tropicales and DIPSA.

Over its almost 80 years of existence, the SID Group has turned into a dynamic consortium, oriented to satisfy the needs of Dominican consumers. By entering into strategic alliances with important domestic and international enterprises, its product portfolio experiences constant growth. In addition to the already traditional manufacture of edible oils and fats, the SID Group’s excellence has led it to be established as distributor of internationally prestigious brands such as Kimberly Clark, Hershey’s, Pillsbury, Fígaro, Campofrío, Parmalat, Santal, Kraft, Clorox, Häagen-Dazs, Kellogg’s, Miller, Red Bull, Dannon, Solae and General Mills.


To create wellbeing by building and generating value in order to provide and ensure better conditions to all the stakeholders of our organization: our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, our staff, our shareholders and our community.


To become the Caribbean’s leading business group, well known by the success of our companies, as they add value and meaning to our consumers’ everyday life, through our brands, products and services of the highest quality.


To grow
To serve
To protect
To share


At SID we are committed to improving our society’s well-being by providing first-class products and services, needed for everyday life, strengthening our most important assets: our brands, our human resources and the quality of our products and services.