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About Grupo SID

Grupo SID at a glance

Grupo SID is one of the largest Dominican conglomerates of manufacturing and commercialization companies of mass consumer products in the Dominican Republic, with over 2,000 products under its umbrella and a presence in 17 countries. Grupo SID is one of the best Dominican organizations to work for, focused on creating well-being for its employees, business partners, consumers, and society in general. It has the highest industrial quality standards and commercial alliances with international brands and companies of worldwide prestige.

The vision of the Executive President

A leader has the extraordinary power to instill meaning in others. Each employee of Grupo SID represents a path of learning, growth, advancement, evolution, transcendence, and satisfaction.

We represent our greatest strength, so I invite you to join and continue building the Grupo SID Organizational Culture, which consists of personal and professional transformation that powerfully impacts how we do things and the results we can generate. This journey is based on a detailed tour of our five pillars: Differentiation, Excellence, Creativity, Passion, and Delivery, which we need to achieve our vision of the future.

This experience, where we are the main characters, is about challenging ourselves to be human beings capable of inspiring extraordinary results from the DIFFERENCE we make in people. It is about pursuing EXCELLENCE, ridding our team of any threats to our performance. It is about producing value through our CREATIVITY and generating the PASSION we need to make our best DELIVERY.

Ligia Bonetti
Executive President Grupo SID

Corporate Philosophy

These are the pillars that have sustained our company and convictions.


To create well-being, building and generating value to provide and ensure better conditions for all pillars of our organization: our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our shareholders, and our community.


To be the leading business group in the markets we operate, recognized for the success of our companies, which add value and meaning to the daily lives of our consumers through our brands, products, and services of the highest quality.


Grupo SID is committed to improving the well-being of society by providing premium products and services—likewise, ongoing corporate social responsibility programs.


• Growing
• Serving
• Protection
• Sharing

Opening Grupo SID | 1960’s – 1970’s

More than 85 years of experience serving families

Grupo SID is a corporation of Dominican companies of great commercial importance dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing mass-consumption products. Its founders’ visionary sense and constant diversification have allowed them to successfully venture into agribusiness, water processing, meat products, dairy, fuel stations, and the entertainment industry.

Grupo SID comprises several companies with a decisive market share: MercaSID, Induveca, Induspalma, Escogido Baseball Club, and NEXT.

For more than 85 years, Grupo SID has become a dynamic development consortium aimed at satisfying the most varied needs of the Dominican consumer. Its product portfolio remains constantly growing thanks to signing strategic alliances with other significant national and international companies. In addition to the traditional production of edible fats and oils, the excellence of Grupo SID has allowed it to consolidate itself as a distributor of internationally renowned brands such as Diageo, Kimberly Clark, Hershey’s, Figaro, Campofrío, Parmalat, Santal, Kraft, Clorox, Häagen-Dazs, Kellogg’s and General Mills.

The path of Grupo SID from its beginnings in 1987 to 2022


Maicera Dominicana, a subsidiary of “Sociedad Industrial Dominicana” (SID) or Dominican Industrial Society


Committed to maintaining the legacy of values of our first generation.


Founders and executives of Grupo SID

" At Grupo SID, we visualize our companies as instruments to transform people’s lives positively... "
Ligia Bonetti

Grupo SID Companies

Important company in producing and distributing food, beverages, and household products.
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Leading company in processed meat, dairy and juice products with a high social impact.
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The most important and ambitious vegetable oil from the oil palm project in the Caribbean region.
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Professional baseball team of the Dominican Republic. It has 16 national titles and 4 Caribbean Series
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National Scope

Strategic Location

Localized to optimize our reach and distribution logistics.

23 production facilities

Production plants that coexist harmoniously and sustainably with communities.

11 Distribution Centers

Always guaranteeing better delivery time and freshness of the products.

Grupo SID employees by Company

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Important Facts

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