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Grupo SID publish book “Montesino: I am the voice crying in the desert”

GRUPO SID HONORS THE CULTURAL LEGACY OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC AND ITS ROLE IN HUMAN RIGHTS WITH THE PRESENTATION OF MONTESINO’S BOOK “EGO VOX CLAMANTIS IN DESERTO.” As part of its cultural commitment and with the historical legacy of the Dominican Republic, Grupo SID presented the book “Montesino: Ego Vox Clamantis in Deserto,” authored by María Teresa Ruiz de Catrain, as part of the 10th anniversary of Centroamérica Cuenta, which immerses us in a deep reflection on our history and

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Ligia Bonetti participated in the conversation “The Value of the Generational Legacy” of 50 Women of Power and Success 2023 by Mercado Magazine

The Executive President of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonetti, participated in the discussion “The Value of the Generational Legacy” at the Mercado Power Women Summit 2023 by Mercado Magazine, which has closely followed the Value of the Generational Legacy, the businesswoman together with Mercedes Ramos, president of Grupo Ramos decipher as leaders the true meaning of

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Ligia Bonetti highlights the strengths and challenges of the Dominican industry

The executive president of Grupo SID gave a keynote address to the Industrial and Systems Engineering Student Committee (CEIIS), in which she highlighted the role of adaptation, disruption, the integration of new technologies, and permanence as success factors. Disruption, speed in decision-making, and the integration of advanced technologies are critical factors in marking the next

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