Since 1968 we have become the preferred brand of Dominicans for the “unparalleled taste” of each of our products. The family of Induveca brands has grown thanks to our constant search to give the best to our people with product innovation and commitment to the quality of our brands.

“Industrias Veganas C. por A.” was born in the city of La Vega Real in 1968, standing out for offering the best selection of processed meat cuts with flavors and seasonings typical of our country, making its brands, in a short time, the preferred ones for their unparalleled taste.

Although Industrias Veganas C. por A. was born in 1968, it was not until 2001 that it became part of our SID Family, and we called it Induveca S.A. Since then, it has become a symbol of the Dominican culture for everyone and a source of pride for our Family through its meat, dairy, and beverage products and social welfare actions throughout the country.

Induveca is the market leader in different categories, both meat and dairy. It offers the best quality in all its lines in every corner of the country, a commitment that has manifested over time in the quality of its products and by fostering good business relationships with customers and suppliers. This commitment is also exemplified by providing more than two thousand employees with a place to work and progress. Its distribution force is an essential pillar of the success achieved, allowing them to reach millions of Dominicans efficiently throughout the country.

It is proud to have the largest and most modern plant for processing meat products in the Caribbean region. Its processes are distinguished by maintaining the highest quality and environmental preservation standards.

Concerning society, it is a company identified with the country and involved with contributing to the development of areas that improve the quality of life of Dominicans, hence its constant support of cultural activities, theatre and cinema, numerous sports activities, society in general with the campaign “Induveca Makes History” and in popular culture with its outstanding support of the Carnival of La Vega. Today, Induveca symbolizes Dominican identity and the pride of people who feel their brands are part of their lives.

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The brand that has celebrated and exalted the Dominican culture for over 50 years by providing products of exquisite taste, combining tradition with innovation, satisfying every family member, and being present in every moment of their daily lives.

Induveca has a wide range of products, from its traditional Salami, Hams, Sausages, processed meats, and other innovative product lines.

Today Induveca, S.A. is a symbol of the Dominican Republic

 And the pride of people who feel this brand is part of their lives

Main Brands

Eight out of ten Dominicans choose us

…as part of their meals, which reinforces what we are and identifies us as part of the Dominican culture

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