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Fundación Caminantes por la Vida donates isolation unit to INCART for cancer patients

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Fundación Caminantes por la Vida donates isolation unit to INCART for cancer patients

In an ongoing effort to fight cancer and improve the quality of life of those affected by this disease, the Fundación Caminantes Por la Vida, the social arm of Grupo SID, donated a specialized isolation unit for immunosuppressed patients to the Rosa Emilia Sánchez Pérez de Tavares National Cancer Institute (INCART).

This contribution constitutes a transcendental step in the integral treatment of hemato-oncological diseases, strengthening the infrastructure and quality of care at INCART, according to a press release from the foundation. The project, with an investment of more than 16 million pesos, ensures comprehensive and specialized care for those patients who require rigorous isolation due to their vulnerability to infections.

Located on the second floor of INCART, the unit has 6 individual cubicles, each equipped with a positioning bed, attached table, armchair, food table, oxygen outlet, infusion pump and vital signs monitor.

In addition, it includes a nursing area with advanced technology for electronic records management and direct connection to the laboratory, blood bank and imaging center. The unit also has a space for family members, separated by glass, allowing emotional support without compromising the necessary isolation.

Ana Bonetti, president of the Walkers for Life Foundation, highlighted the organization’s firm commitment to providing wellness and hope to cancer patients. “This isolation area is not only a safe haven for those with compromised immune systems, but also a symbol of the positive change we can achieve together, demonstrating how solidarity and love can transform lives,” Bonetti said.

Dr. José Ramírez, General Director of INCART, highlighted the importance of this new room, which places the Institute at the forefront in the treatment of immunosuppressed patients. He thanked the Fundación Caminantes por la Vida for its uninterrupted support and acknowledged its dedication to strengthening the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Since its foundation in 2006, the Fundación Caminantes por la Vida has organized 17 fundraising walks, promoted prevention and treatment days, and fostered alliances to guarantee access to oncology therapies. These initiatives contribute to the Health and Wellness goal of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, promoting healthy living for all ages.

About the Caminantes Por la Vida Foundation

This social entity of Grupo SID is dedicated to cancer awareness, prevention and early detection. It represents the business group’s commitment to the well-being and health of Dominican families.


INCART is a third level hospital, specialized and dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment, operating in a decentralized manner and with management autonomy. It depends on the Ministry of Public Health and is part of the National Directorate of Public Health Services of the Public Health Network.

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