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Induveca launches Induveca Salami Chips with Platanitos

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Induveca launches Induveca Salami Chips with Platanitos

The Induveca family, composed of the characters “Mr. Salami Súper Especial Induveca” and “Mrs. Tostón”, presented the new member of their family as a result od a five-year story of #AmorSuperEspecial through social networks, full of flavor, tradition, and the sharing of pride and affection of Dominicans, This story has told from their engagement, wedding, honeymoon and the expected and exciting pregnancy.

The most beloved couple of the Dominican Republic revealed that their baby “Salami Chips Induveca with Platanitos” is very irresistible, so from now on they identify it as “Your super special now in a pouch” to be the protagonist at all times and places. This was announced during an event held at the El Embajador Hotel, which was attended by customers, special guests, executives of Grupo SID and its companies and the media.

Mrs. Lil Esteva, Executive Vice President of Induveca S.A, assured that the company is very excited to share this incredible moment, because the irresistible, fun versatile and very practical “Induveca Salami Chips with Platanitos” is designed to continue offering each and every Dominican super special moments with a perfect mix in the same package.

“With this birth we are entering a new category, a new step in our history as part of Grupo SID. This new member of our family will make a difference in the market; it is a unique product of which all of us who have dedicated time and effort to its creation are very proud, as it is the fruit of our shared passion to bring the best to every Dominican home”, said Mrs. Esteva.

Meat Business Manager, Madeline Cruz, explained that with this new version of the snack, the Induveca family continues to innovate and diversify in order to offer quality products, providing an accesible and different proposal, without losing the flavor and authenticity that characterizes it.

Meanwhile, Jeannette Ortiz, Brand Manager, explained that “Salami Chips Induveca with Platanitos” represents the most Dominican flavor of all, giving consumers the opportunity to carry with them all the “super special” of the brand, now in a single pouch to “snack” at all times and in all places.

With the introduction of Salami Chips, Induveca S.A, a Grupo SID company, reiterates its commitment to innovation, creativity and quality that has characterized it during its 55-year history as a leader in branded food products in the Dominican Republic.

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