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Ligia Bonetti emphasizes innovation, disruption, and sustainability as business and social pillars.

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Ligia Bonetti emphasizes innovation, disruption, and sustainability as business and social pillars.

Ligia Bonetti, the executive president of Grupo SID, emphasized the urgent need for the Dominican Republic to embrace innovation, disruption, and sustainability as imperatives in a world marked by uncertainty and the demand for positive change.

During the Manuel Arsenio Ureña Business Breakfast Conference organized by the Santiago Apóstol Archdiocesan Foundation (FASA), Bonetti shared transformative visions about the future of business and society in a special conference entitled ‘Pillars of a Business and Social Future.’

The business leader identified innovation as the heart of a successful strategy, emphasizing the importance of rethinking processes and solutions. He cited companies like Tesla and Amazon as examples of those who have redefined markets through disruptive and customer-centric approaches. Speaking to an audience of hundreds of business professionals from the northern region, he emphasized the critical role of sustainability, not only as an ethical duty but also as a smart strategy that opens up new market opportunities.

Bonetti advocated for a cultural and social shift towards tolerance, respect, and solidarity. “The transformation towards a more understanding and united society requires deep cultural and social changes, which must begin with ourselves and radiate towards the environment around us,” she stressed. She emphasized the role of all sectors in building a more equitable society, highlighting the importance of dialogue and empathy in overcoming divisions and conflicts.

He added: “We are immersed in a global scenario marked by a proliferation of conflicts, where intolerance and discrimination tend to overshadow dialogue and mutual respect.” With a call to action, he urged those present to take an active commitment towards a future where understanding and inclusion prevail. He closed his speech by emphasizing that words are powerful tools to create reality and encouraged everyone to take the first step towards the positive transformation of our society and business environment. ‘Together, we can redirect the course of our country and even the world towards a destination marked by peace, understanding, inclusion, and prosperity. We just have to believe that we can do it and take the first step,’ he emphasized.

During the event, Monsignor Hector Rafael Rodriguez, Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago, offered words of welcome. Afterwards, Juan Manuel Urena, President of the Archdiocesan Foundation Santiago Apostle (FASA), and Bernarda de Checo, Executive Director of the foundation, presented gifts to the speaker.

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