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Ligia Bonetti: Sustainability more than a duty, an opportunity for the industry

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Ligia Bonetti: Sustainability more than a duty, an opportunity for the industry

Businesswoman Ligia Bonetti considered that sustainability is, more than a duty, an opportunity for the industry and outlined the pillars that, from her point of view, validate sustainable practices in the corporate world. The Executive President of Grupo SID, the Dominican business conglomerate, stated her position during the Change the World Summit 2024 event organized by Mercado Media Network.

Bonetti referred to the importance of companies adopting a vision of a sustainable and resilient future. He indicated that sustainability, far from being a burden for industry, represents a unique opportunity to redesign the economic, social and environmental future of our planet. “As a group, we see sustainability not only as an ethical and moral duty but also as a strategic opportunity for the industry. Today, we face unprecedented environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss and natural resource scarcity. These challenges not only threaten the health of the planet, but also economic and social stability,” he said.

The President of Grupo SID also shared the key strategic guidelines to guide the way towards a more conscious industry:

– Sustainable innovation: Innovation should be focused on developing products and services that minimize impact.

– Transparency and reporting: Companies should be transparent about their environmental and social impacts, adopting international reporting standards such as the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and the United Nations Global Compact.

– Sectoral collaboration: Sustainability challenges require a collective effort.- Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The SDGs are the global roadmap for addressing pressing issues, from poverty to climate change.

He also said that now more than ever, leadership requires comprehensive thinking and a moral and strategic compass to guide companies on their journey towards efficient and effective management of environmental, social and corporate governance factors, understanding that the true meaning of success is linked to the balance between self growth and the positive contributions made by the industrial sector in the country.

In concluding his participation, Bonetti pointed out that “by adopting sustainable practices, we can not only mitigate environmental and social impacts, but also discover new business opportunities, improve the resilience of our organizations and strengthen our market position. The transition to sustainability is a challenging but essential journey, and the time to act is now”.

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