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Loyola students present their NASA Rover Challenge award to Grupo SID

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Loyola students present their NASA Rover Challenge award to Grupo SID

Loyola students visited the Grupo SID facilities in Santo Domingo together with the prize they received in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge competition last month 🌌

They left the name of the Dominican Republic high in the United States, bringing home the “Jeffrey P. Norris and Joe Sexton Memorial Pit Crew Award College Division” award. A Rover is a device, a space exploration vehicle of these vehicles that NASA sends to other planets to investigate that planet and study it itself.

Some of our collaborators enjoyed a conversation where the members of the Armstrong Team told us all the anecdotes about their experience in Alabama and we had a question and answer session to clarify all doubts.

From Grupo SID we are proud to have been part of this achievement and we want to continue supporting STEM careers and this type of initiative so that more Dominicans have the opportunity to enjoy this type of experience.

Grupo SID understands that the responsibility for us to have an education in a progressive country, an advanced, innovative education that is on a par with any country in the world, is not only the responsibility of the Government, it is also the responsibility of a responsible private sector, who believes in youth and in the new generations.

Ligia Bonetti, Executive President of the SID Group

It is very important that you never stop dreaming, it is very important that you never stop committing yourself to always be better. If we commit ourselves that I will go the extra mile, that I can, because no one has the right to tell you that you can’t, not even yourselves, always propose. And we have talked a lot about the purpose and passion that we have to put behind every action we do.

Lil Esteva, Executive Vice President Induveca

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