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Grupo SID presents its leaders Sustainability Plan

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Grupo SID presents its leaders Sustainability Plan

To continue strengthening its commitment to the development of the Dominican Republic, Grupo SID presented its strengthened Sustainability Plan to its more than 350 leading leaders from the companies MercaSID, Induveca, and Induspalma, to continue to strengthen the actions that, as a business group, have implemented so far and show the goals we have for this year 🙌.

Sustainability goes beyond caring for the environment; it also includes economic and social aspects, guaranteeing a balance between the three. Therefore, we all commit to creating well-being at Grupo SID to build a better future.

“Although we need to work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing waste and pollution, it is no less true that being sustainable also implies guaranteeing that all people have access to the necessary opportunities to live a dignified and prosperous life, which includes the promotion of fair labor practices, gender equality and the promotion of inclusion, as well as ethical and responsible compliance with best practices.”

– Ligia Bonetti, Executive President of Grupo SID

At Grupo SID, as leaders in our field, we must continue to set a precedent for other companies and organizations worldwide. Let’s be ambitious; let’s keep operability from taking over our days. Instead, let’s propose goals that transcend and that make a difference. We have the will and the tools to do it.

Stay tuned to the social networks and website of Grupo SID and its companies for more information on the sustainable actions implemented in this business group.

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