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The three-dimensionality of sustainability

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The three-dimensionality of sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental concept in our world today, as it seeks to balance the needs of the present without compromising future generations. However, something that only some know about this concept is that it is made up of three aspects: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Economic sustainability

It refers to actions and decisions that support the long-term economic development of a company or country. A sustainable approach must consider the long-term costs of financial decisions and seek a balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship.

To contribute to economic sustainability, at Grupo SID we have more than 5,000 collaborators, more than 50,000 direct clients and we are in more than 17 countries. In addition, we are optimizing our processes through our Digital Transformation to be more efficient.

Social sustainability

It involves developing people, communities and cultures to generate quality of life, health and adequate, timely and equitable education. It refers to the well-being of people and communities, guaranteeing a proper quality of life for all. In addition, it encourages citizen participation and the construction of strong and resilient communities.

For example, at Grupo SID we participate in this component of sustainability with our EducaSID initiatives, impacting more than 6,300 students in the health field with Caminantes Por La Vida and with our continuous social contributions to sports, community, etc.

Environmental sustainability

It focuses on efficiently managing natural resources in productive activity to conserve and protect them. It implies reducing the ecological footprint, minimizing negative impacts on the environment, and promoting practices that maintain the planet’s health.

At Grupo SID we have several initiatives within this component of sustainability, such as we have four plants to treat our wastewater, the use of renewable energy, annual beach and river cleaning, and our ReforestaSID program, where we have planted more than 160,000 trees together with more than 400 collaborators.

These three dimensions of sustainability are closely interconnected and subject to reinforcement. A sustainable approach requires considering all three aspects, as we can only achieve lasting sustainability if we pay attention to one of them.

To address current challenges, it’s essential to adopt policies and practices that integrate these three dimensions of sustainability. Building a sustainable future and achieving a balance that benefits present and future generations is necessary. Only then can we create a world where we can all prosper without compromising the planet we call home.

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