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EducaSID Program
for a Better Future

EducaSID is a program of initiatives that strengthen Grupo SID’s commitment to quality education, building growth footprints for an inclusive and sustainable future, which began in 2009 to contribute to the development of the Dominican Republic.

The mission of this program is to provide children and adults with scholarships, infrastructures, and adequate school tools, which facilitate the teaching-learning process, and in this way, contribute to equating opportunities so that everyone can access quality education. To promote inclusive and equitable quality training, which, in turn, facilitates lifelong learning opportunities and improves the standard of living for all in support of sustainable development.

“An inclusive, relevant and quality education is our commitment to sustainable and lasting development for our country and all its people. With our values GROWTH, SERVICE, PROTECTION and SHARING as a guide, we are determined to develop the full potential of the Dominican Republic, working with energy and passion, contributing our creativity and with a focus on excellence to offer solutions that make a difference and lead us to make our dream of a tomorrow possible.”

Grupo SID through EducaSID, seeks to promote the permanent well-being of the Dominican family, base and axis of the nation, supporting our employees, consumers and their respective communities, helping them to obtain a level of education that contributes to their progress.

In 2022, Grupo SID expanded the commitment of EducaSID, which defines the behavior of this company in terms of sustainable development, in order to promote economic and social growth, which is intrinsically linked to the progress of people in alignment with “goal number 4” of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which promotes quality education,  in its framework of action to actively contribute to social welfare.

Latest news about EducaSID


The United Nations Organization (ONU) and Grupo SID, a business conglomerate with more than 86 years of experience, agreed to produce for free distribution the book Frieda, a UN publication, to promote a culture of sustainability from an early age. In a recent ceremony, the executive president of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonetti, presented a symbolic copy of the book to the UN resident representative, Mauricio Ramírez, highlighting that “EducaSID is a purpose that we embrace and every year we work

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Notes by Ligia Bonetti

Throughout our more than 85 years of operations, Grupo SID has been part of the construction of progress in the Dominican Republic. Our companies, in addition to providing quality products and excellence, are recognized for the footprints they have shaped in the evolution of the country, sowing opportunities and adding value at every step.

We are a business group that generates more than five thousand direct jobs and economic growth throughout the national territory. United around the idea of creating well-being, we have a policy of social responsibility based on the Sustainable Development Goals, which reflects our vision of the future and the goal of moving forward without leaving anyone behind.

Every step we take in Grupo SID is thinking to leave a mark that transcends the sustainable development and well-being of our country.

We are committed to continue contributing to inclusive and integrated growth, promoting quality education for all.

Focus Areas 2022-2023

Our emphasis is to highlight the culture and its development through the presentation of a dance piece, specially prepared for the children, parents and teachers present in the sponsored centers

New sponsored schools
Students impacted
+ 0
Scholarships awarded
Invested in education
RD$ 0 MM

Other important impacts of Grupo SID for education

Important figures

  • 3 libraries built since 2009
  • Alliances with 5 centers in period 2022-2023 for scholarships
  • RD$215 million invested in training in the last 5 years.
  • +262,000 hours of training
  • +300 scholarships
  • 60 scholarships for employees and children
  • Leadership program for 12 new young members in Grupo SID offices.
  • RD$45.3 MM invested in training
  • +262,000 hours of training
  • +4,050 SID People trained each year
  • 100 INFOTEP interns
  • +780 students from 35 educational institutions

Sponsored centers


  • Santo Domingo and Fidel Ferrer Special Education School.
  • Malaquías Gil School.
  • Faith and Joy.
  • Doña Milena School Home.
  • Home School Divine Hands.


  • Street Action.


  • San Martín de Porres School.
  • Home of the Child Father Fantino.


  • Hostel Villa Esperanza.
  • Sabana Yegua Community Center.
  • Teresa Toda Home.


  • San Francisco de Chirino Nursery School.
  • Father Arturo Parochial School.
  • Batey San José Educational Center.


  • Kako’s Kids

Words by José Miguel Bonetti Du-Breil, VicePresident of MercaSID

“With EducaSID we dedicate great efforts and resources in a line as fundamental as education, with a view to leaving a legacy in the children of our country.”

To all children, I encourage you to give your best effort and dedication in this new school year. Never consider studying as an obligation, but as an opportunity to enter the wonderful world of knowledge.

To all parents, always be an example to your children, inspire them, accompany them and celebrate their achievements.

EducaSID encourages dreams

“Never stop dreaming. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and the first step to doing so is to believe in yourself!”

We are aware that we play a decisive role in the evolution of the country, and we are determined to continue walking with you and the nation in this rewarding journey of building a future with more progress for all, leaving a legacy that transcends the well-being of society.

-Ana Bonetti, General Manager of Induspalma

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